Friday August 16, 2019

Time Topic
08.30 - 09.30 Dig the Professors: D. D. Tanna & Sudhir Babhulkar (CW Oh, Peter Giannoudis, Jayashankar, C. P. Das, Christoph Josten, Ulrich Holz)
09:30 - 10:30 Video - Surgical Techniques
Chairman: S. C. Goel
Co-chairman: Mandeep Dhillon
  1. Surgical fixation of Posteromedial Tib plateau fracture: Jignesh Pandya
  2. Surgical fixation of Posterolateral Tib plateau fracture: Jignesh Pandya
  3. Surgical fixation of Distal intrarticular Humerus fracture: Christoph Josten
  4. FCR for distal radius: Sangeet Gawhale
  5. Dorasl plating for distal radius: Parag Shah
  6. Surgical fixation of Posterior malleolus fracture & Syndesmotic injury: Mandeep Dhillon
  7. MIPPO in humerus: Vidisha Kulkarni
10:30 - 11:30 Current concepts & Practical Solution for Challenging Problems - 8 minutes
Chairman: Christoph Josten
Co-chairman: Sushrut Babhulkar
  1. Fixation of Communited distal intrarticular fractures of femur: Christoph Josten
  2. Stabilisation of communited distal radius fractures: Amit Ajgaonkar
  3. Nailing in non-isthmic femoral shaft fractures: CW Oh
  4. Nonunion scaphoid fracture - Treatment by Vascularised bone graft from Distal radius: Konstaninos Malizos
  5. Displaced / shattered / extruded talus: Mandeep Dhillon
11:30 - 12:30 Symposium on Infection in Orthopaedics
Chairman: Peter Giannoudis
Co-chairman: Ashok Johari (Talks 8 mins)
  1. Infection after Osteosynthesis - The ICS Classification as a simple guide to treatment: Carlo Romano
  2. Compartmental hand infection - a threatening complication: Konstaninos Malizos
  3. How to manage infected tibia with Bone loss: Peter Giannoudis
  4. Role of Ilizarov technique in infective nonunion: Mangal Parihar
12:30 - 13:30 Symposium on Postraumtic Deformities
Chairman: G. S. Kulkarni
Co-chair: Mangal Parihar (Talks 8 mins each)
  1. How to analyse & correct deformities around knee: G. S. Kulkarni
  2. When & How to correct angular & rotational deformities of le Tibia: Mangal Parihar
  3. How to manage deformities around elbow: Randy Bindra
  4. How to manage deformities around wrist: Swarnendu Samanta
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
02.30 - 04.00 Module 7 - How to avoid Failures in Fixation
Chairman: Randy Bindra
Co-chairman: Sunil Shahane
  1. Terrible triad injury: Randy Bindra
  2. Trimalleolar fractures of ankle: Sunil Shahane
  3. Hoffas fracture: Gurinder Bedi
  4. How to achieve successful nail in Comminuted subtrochanteric fractures: Chetan Pradhan
Cases: Asim Negi, B. Shivshankar, C. P. Das, Anil Karkhanis
16:00 - 17:30 Module 8 Elbow Injury
Chairman: Amit Ajgaonkar
Co-chairman: Parag Munshi
  1. How to manage Coronoid fracture with Posterior dislocation of elbow: Randy Bindra
  2. How to manage communited distal humerus intrarticular fracture in elderly osteoportic patient: Parag Shah
  3. How to manage communited olecranon fracture with transolecranon dislocation: Parag Munshi
  4. Today's place for radial head arthroplasty - Is it a permanent solution for comminuted radial head fracture: Rajiv Chatterjee
Cases: Rajiv Chatterjee, Parag Shah
17:30 - 19:00 Module 9 Periprosthetic & Perimplant fractures
Chairman: D. D. Tanna
Co-chairman: Sushrut Babhulkar
  1. Introduction to the topic - principles of periprosthetic fracture fixation: Sushrut Babhulkar
  2. Peri Prosthetic Fractures around Hip: Christoph Josten
  3. Peri Prosthetic Fractures around Knee: D. D. Tanna
  4. Management of periprosthetic joint infections: Carlo Romano
Cases: Asim Negi, Anil Karkhanis
Time Topic
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:00 Module 10 Essential knowledge & surgical techniques for fixation of intrarticular fractures
Chairman: Christoph Josten
Co-chairman: Parag Shah
  1. Distal femur:Christoph Josten
  2. Tibial plafond: Takeshi Sawaguchi
  3. Coronal plane fractures of distal humerus: Vidisha Kulkarni
  4. Capitulum fracture: Sangeet Gawhale
  5. Fracture femoral head: C. P. Das
  6. Some surgical challenges in proximal tibia fractures: Thami Benzakour
Cases: Jayashankar, Ajith Kumar
16:00 - 17:30 Modules 11
Chairman: Rajiv Raj Choudhary
Co-chairman: Takeshi Sawaguchi
  1. Three column fixation classification: Jayashankar
  2. How to approach & fix posteromedial Tib Plateau fracture: Rajiv Raj Chaudhari
  3. How to approach & fix Posterolaterall Tib Plateau fracture: Jignesh Pandya
  4. When do you need double plate fixation: Ajit Kumar
  5. How to manage bicondylar communited tib plateau fracture: Takeshi Sawaguchi
  6. How to manage Metaphyseo-diaphyseal shattered fractures: Sunil Kulkarni
Cases: Hasmukh Nagwadia, Swarnendu Samanta, Chetan Pradhan
17:30 - 19:00 Module 12 Open Fractures
Chairman: S. C. Goel
Co-chairman: Jayashankar
  1. How to tackle isolted gr IIIA & B fracture tibia primarily: Konstaninos Malizos
  2. Place of Reaming tibia / Femur in open fractures, is it indicated or not: Ulrich Holz
  3. Place of Antibiotic rod in open fractures primarily: Jayashankar
  4. Place of Masqulet technique in infected nonunion with bone loss: Peter Giannoudis
Cases: John Mukhopadhaya
Time Topic
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:00 Module 13 Innovative Techniques
Chairman: Peter Giannoudis, Sunil Kulkarni
  1. Innovative techniques in fracture fixation: Sunil Kulkarni
  2. Buried K wire Technique for Osteochondral Fractures: Jignesh Pandya
  3. Masqulet Technique: Peter Giannoudis
Cases: John Mukhopadhaya, Rajiv Raj Choudhary
16:00 - 17:30 Module 14 Pediatric Fracture
Chairman: Sandeep Patwardhan
Co-chairman: Taral Nagda
Children's Fractures made easy for the practising Orthopod (90 mins)
Convenor: Sandeep Patwardhan
Introduction to session: Sandeep Patwardhan (5 mins)
  • Common fractures: Treatment recommendations (5 mins each)
    1. Shaft Femur: P. N. Gupta
    2. Radius Ulna Diaphysis: Mandar Agashe
    3. Humerus: Premal Naik
    4. Lower Radius: Mandar Agashe Discussion (5 mins)
  • Master Talks: The enigmatic Elbow - Case based approach (12 + 3 = 15 mins)
    1. Supracondylar Humerus: Taral Nagda
    2. Trash lesions: Sandeep Patwardhan
    3. Lateral condyle Humerus: Premal Naik
  • How I do it: Video techniques (5 mins)
  • TENS Femur: Taral Nagda
    Closed reduction forearm
    fractures: P. N. Gupta
    Supracondylar reduction pinning Sandeep Patwardhan

17:30 - 19:00 Module 15 Nonunions
Chairman: G. S. Kulkarni
Co-chairman: C. P. Das
  1. Nonunion distal intrarticular humerus fracture: John Mukhopadhaya
  2. Nonunion Neck femur in young 50 year patient: C. P. Das
  3. Nonunion Distal Radius: Parag Munshi
  4. How do you manage Nonunion Subtrochanteric fracture: Sunil Kulkarni
  5. How do you manage infected nonunion tibia with bone loss: Swarnendu Samanta
  6. Nonunion Mid shaft Humerus: Vidisha Kulkarni
  7. Bone transport with plate in segmental defect after infected nonunion: CW Oh
Cases: Takeshi Sawaguchi, Shantaram Shetty, Ravi Souhta